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Solar, batteries and Inverter systems (Residential, commercial, and Industrial)
Pawazec Nigeria specializes in installing solar and inverter systems on new homes as well as existing buildings, known as retrofitting.

Retrofitting a building with a solar system is a great way for building owners to save money on utility costs and to minimize stress associated with incessant power outages.

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Solar powered borehole pumps (Schools, Farms, Homes, commercial application)
Our ultra efficient solar-powered borehole pumps (in stock) rely solely on the sun to pump water. (4,000 litres to 50,000 litres every day) You do not need to connect them to batteries, Generator, Inverter or 'NEPA'. All they need is the pump and a few solar panels or a single wind turbine. Areas of application include:

Homes, Construction camps, Farms, Rural hospitals and clinics, water sales business